Integrity First!

At Baytowne Reporting, our court reporting services should be as direct and factual as it is technically accurate. This means better service is delivered by a friendly, motivated court reporting staff that values teamwork and dedication. Baytowne Reporting not only provides, but creates an exceptional experience with our professional court reporters for all of your court reporting needs. Along with our variety of services and technology, we pride ourselves on precise quality of work and incomparable customer service.


Baytowne Reporting is dedicated to maintaining the integrity and trust that we have been sworn to. Our goal is to provide excellent service for our clients through precise reporting, staffing with highly qualified court reporters, and using our talents to meet the needs of clients, today and tomorrow. In essence, we strive to provide the best transcripts with the fastest turnaround at a competitive price.

We Network!


Baytowne Reporting works with other reporting agencies across the nation to service the clients you value.

Need assistance in the 14th Judicial Circuit in Northwest Florida and you are elswehere in the nation?  Don't hesitate to contact Baytowne Reporting to support your client while in Northwest Florida.

Scheduling Videographers

Baytowne Reporting does not have a Videographer on staff.  We will gladly provide you with Videographers to contact or we can contact them upon request.

Videoconference Needed?


Videoconferencing is available with Baytowne Reporting.  There are two options to choose from:

What is Complementary?


Baytowne Reporting has competitive rates, but we go one step further.  The following are always complementary when ordering from us:

  • Word Index

  • Compressed Transcripts

  • Digital Files

These are always Complementary...

Meeting Your Needs!


Whether it is a trial, hearing, deposition, mediation, or public meeting, Baytowne Reporting can provide that professional court reporting experience for you and your client.

We Accept:

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